Monday, October 27, 2014

garden miracles and confession

This punnet of beautiful teeny seedlings turned into a riot of cut and come again salads in no time at all. Spring is full of miracles. The garden is a great place for me to hang out and tune into the wonder of the world. It helps keep me grounded and in touch with what is really important. 

It's all looking lush at the moment, but this is when I am all keen. As summer gets underway, the tricky bit is to keep popping down to the garden and sowing new salads, radishes, greens and beans. Confession: usually I get distracted. I am determined to get the balance right this year. We'll see! Jed has a bunch of carrots and corn in his patch. A new hose attachment head with different settings has him enthusiastic about watering duties too. 

I love starting the day picking greens for the rabbit's breakfast, snacking as I go on fresh greens myself. Nothing like a bit of chickweed or bok choy straight from the earth. It doesn't get fresher than that. Even when I lived in a temporary rental in town I had the pots with greens and herbs in a sunny spot on the porch. Can't help it, freshness tastes so good!

geeking out at the lego show

This long weekend was a full one. Really full. The annual Auckland Lego Show was the first stop. These folks crack me up. They are a lovely lot, that's not the part that makes me's the name. The Auckland Lego Users Club. Users. That's the bit that has me giggling. Better to use lego than drugs for sure! Those lego users outdid themselves with this years offering. So much to see. Jed came away all inspired and launched himself into some pretty incredible free-building when we got home. I didn't have lego in my childhood. I remember my cousin having some but I was shy. (Yes, I was!) I think I went and read a book instead. I enjoy having a build alongside Jed these days. If he can tear me away from whatever project or work I have going. I used to get told off for assymetrical building, or using too diverse a colour palette though. Those free spirited wild building mama's can be so annoying sometimes. I'll leave you with a few favourite displays. And those of you who are wondering why you are reading a blog post about lego may wander on to more interesting blogger fodder! x

Saturday, October 25, 2014

nature mandalas

On our way back from tending the vegetable garden we meandered our way back to the house collecting leaves and flowers. We had watched a few YouTube clips of the Dalai Lama and other monks creating sand mandala's that morning and Jed was blown away. We came back and laid a piece of cardboard out on our deck. We laid out some mandala's I had designed years ago and some downloaded from the internet as inspiration. Mama made a cup of tea (Sessions often start with a cup of tea in my world!) and we set to work creating our mandalas. The coloured pencils came out. (We use Stockmar) More mandala's were born onto paper. Magic. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

coffee general

I am a bit of a paradox. I am a herbalist. I love coffee. Or should that read I LOVE coffee?
To me, it's forgivable. Coffee is a plant after all. And it eases a daily grind (forgive the pun). I am not a morning person. And my son most definitely is. That's been one of the most challenging parts of motherhood for me. I loved coffee before I became a mama. Sheesh, I even gave the stuff up for three whole years of pregnancy and breastfeeding. But I do love my coffee. Just one a day. But it's got to be a good one. The coffee machine is by far the largest, most frequently used appliance in our kitchen. And shall I tell you something funny? Jed grinds the beans and makes a stomper of a coffee and brings it to me in bed every weekday morning. After years of sleepless nights and starting the day at times beginning with 5, I think I have earned it.
Anyway, my point was, I love a good coffee. I rarely buy a coffee when I am out. I try and keep it to one a day but aside from that, it is so disappointing to get a stink one. 
Knowing all of the above, you can imagine my distress to wake one morning to find our old faithful (10 years of grinding love!) coffee grinder had died in the night. Argh!
Then imagine the joy, after spending two hours in crawling traffic to get Jed to his science day at the MindLab, at discovering they had a cafe in-house. Whoop! And not just any cafe. Coffee General. These folks know their coffee. Their food is superb and there is a lovely light filled seating area...all just across from the Auckland Domain. Leafyness...with caffeine. Yes! The day got a whole lot brighter from there. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

a robolego day

Awesome day at RoboLego today. I am not sure who enjoyed it more, me or Jed. I always knew I could be a geek given half a chance. And, robot battles?! I mean really, what's not to like?! My camera battery expired, but luckily my phone was up to the job of capturing a few moments. These guys took on the challenge of making a robot from scratch and it was so cool to see them at the other end of it. Very proud. 

In the morning we learnt how to programme the robots, and in the afternoon paired up to build robots from scratch and battled in the RoboArena. 
New friends, new skills and much fun. Just another day on the homeschooling frontlines! 

We had a great talk in the car on the way home about what we are grateful for, and being within a drive of days out like these were on the list. Thank you RoboClub and to the special mama's who work hard to make all this happen for our kids. xx