Sunday, September 25, 2016

rainday cape

It's rained all weekend. Hasn't stopped. The stream next to the house has broken its banks and the constant rain has turned into a downpour. I am not sure what the garden is going to look like come morning. I suspect we might be in for another power cut. And it's never certain if the road will be open after consistently heavy rain like this. The roads were resembling waterfalls already this morning. 
There's been lots of board game playing, reading and baking. The fire's been on all afternoon. Ever since we got back from our mini adventure. 
We headed out for a beach walk with friends in one of the lighter periods of weather this morning.The kids played in the river mouth which was wild with water coming down from the hills with great cliffs cut in the sand. It was possibly slightly dangerous and definitely exhilarating. We slogged back through a very waterlogged beachfront. Phoenix the dog had to swim most of the way. I had ventured out in my jeans and gumboots and half way around the rivermouth, trying to get past without getting wet, a huge wave came rolling down the stream and that was it, water streaming into the gumboots. I was a good lesson on how perilous rivers and streams can be in weather like this. 
I would have been better off in my togs today. Except I had my trusty rain cape on. I love that thing. I was out in the rain (it was pouring down for the last half hour of our walk) for hours and I was totally dry under my rain cape. 
I can bike it in, fit a bag or a backpack underneath it and it rolls up pretty small for storage. I keep getting asked where I got it. I bought it on Trademe. Best thing ever. A lovely woman named Jo designed them. She has 10 or so left so if you want one pop on over HERE. You won't regret it. x

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Proof of spring

Duckduck is at it again. She's not the most devoted wanna-be mama, preferring to potter around the garden and bask in the sun showers on our deck with her friend Patches for most of the day.
But look what she made! She's worn a trail up into the bush and is using the same nest as last season. I use the word nest loosely. She's sort of dug out a hole under a fallen log precariously perched a ways up the hill.

The younger of us marked the four eggs so we could tell which were the fresher ones.
We've had one a day ever since! The younger was hoping she'd found a mate on one of her recent flights but even if she did, I think her intermittent sitting on the nest isn't enough to hatch anything. We're thinking of slipping one or two under a friend's broody chicken though...

Sunday, September 4, 2016

colour for spring

As winter gives way to Spring here I find myself drawn to colour. While in an op shop looking for a gift I came across a pile of these vintage blankets. Seriously. There were about six of them. All in different colour combinations but same pattern and size. Stunners, all of them. I would have liked to have bought them all and gifted them to friends, but you know...budget would only stretch to bringing one home. I love it. And I hope the rest of the blankets found wonderful homes. I would love to know the story behind them. Someone spent hours and hours making them.
This one fits beautifully in our front room and matches the other blankets we have in there to nest in. Phoenix the dog made a beeline for it too. He has good taste that dog. I suspect he may have had help wrapping himself up in it though.

Monday, August 29, 2016

how things are

The dog and I headed for the hills together after coffee. I’m on a mission to explore the area. We’re still pretty new to the area, even though I lived ten years in a little community a few minutes away, there is still so much to learn and see and explore here. Makes for a happy me and a happy dog too.
Something about unstructured days and alone time has all the emotional detritus bubble up. It ain't pretty sometimes. Today was a lot of work, then flapping around, trying to get stuff done, but really I would have been better off staying up in the hills for the day. Too bad the weather was so atrocious or I might have done just that. I did manage to get two walks in. I am a hero in the dog's eyes today, poor guy had a cruddy walking week due to dumb human schedules. I redeemed myself in his eyes today.
It's just one of those days. Only one thing to do. Grab a book, some chocolate and a hot water bottle and make for an early night. Sometimes the best thing you can do is call quits on the day. 
Getting enough rest is so key for me at the moment. I have had so much work on. And maybe today was a delayed reaction to the debacle that was yesterday. We had woken up to a power cut, realised my phone was flat then when we went to leave for a full day or work and classes, the car battery was flat. Jed had left the inside light on the night before. Gah. Rescued by a friend with her jump leads, we were barely even late for class! 

Friday, August 19, 2016

last throes of winter

 I stacked all three square metres of this firewood by myself. It took me three days in between work and the rest of life. A few months on and we've almost gone through the whole lot. We live in a valley and lose the sun at about 3pm in the middle of winter. As we're homeschooling and I work from home most of the time, I made a conscious decision to be warm. Not to stint on having the fire on. Being comfortable at home is important to me. Not to say that we're at home all day every day...we're both busy juggling work, drum lessons, karate, swimming, basketball, homeschool group and classes and social stuff. It's a busy life. 'Find more firewood' is back on the list of things to do but Spring is on it's way. We've had a few sunny days to break up the months of wintry rain and high winds and the garden is busy throwing up spring flowers and blossoms. Such a feast for the eyes.