Tuesday, September 2, 2014

making. feverishly

There has been need of some sewing therapy lately. With attending Fabric-a-brac and the Vintage Textile Fair in the last few weeks, there has been a healthy dollop of inspiration. And a few beautiful additions to my fabric stash. I have a pile of projects on the crafting pile, or mid-design or being dreamed up. This one is a light fabric I have had put away since last season. Knowing me, it was from an op shop or salvaged from somewhere, but I can't remember where it came from. It has a lovely drape to it and feels like heaven on.

I used a vintage Butterick 7762 pattern, borrowed from my friend Ange, of Mermaids Purse. It had no instructions so I had fun making it up as I went along. Tucked in, or out, I really like it. It's the second one I have made. I wear loose shirts a lot in the summer, they are cool and keep the fierce NZ sun off. Because we live at the beach, something classy and cool to throw on over togs while watching kids play in the water is key for me. Yesterday was the first official day of Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere...bring it on, I say. It's been a long rainy winter here, colder than usual. We've had way more wood fires than we would usually. Cosy and good for crafting and dreaming in front of!

Friday, August 29, 2014

A good mess.

The house was a mess today. A good mess. You know, piles of paper bits on the floor, coloured pencils and projects all over the dining table, lego free building session in evidence across my bedroom floor, empty wooden snack bowls neatly stacked on the stairs. Wooden swords and shields and dress ups draped over chairs and shucked into the corner of the bathroom. Bits of greenery, flowers, bugs and a microscope on a chopping board in the kitchen. The kind of mess that shouts 'It was a good day!' to those that speak that special language. 

It was cold with a bitter wind today so lots of inside time and we had a friend of Jed's here all day. She's a Steiner kid and was super curious about our homeschooling day. I had loads of work on and it was a seamless. Perfect all round. Those two are great mates and play for hours on end. They even help themselves to food when they need it these days. I leave food ready to go in the fridge. I left various craft supplies, games and books out on the table. It was super fun to get on with my work and hear them laughing and talking not far away. Hours, no parental input required. Every now and then I'd hang out with them and help them out with some project or other. And, like I said...mess! We have a small house, 80 m sq, but no room was left untouched. We have a saying around here...(Well, those of us who are not mess averse anyway)...'Mess is a sign of good times'. 

We started out doing the flower opening activity. So magic. The tutorial is HERE in a blog post from back in 2013. Then they spent hours colouring in flowers. Flowers somehow became baddies, princes and warrior princesses and kings and ended up in battle formation all across the house. I love how kids will take one idea and completely make it their own. Our job is to step back and watch it unfold. Totally not what I could ever have imagined! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Spirulina for kids?!

I've been sneaking spirulina into smoothies for awhile. One day I came downstairs and the smallest of the household was busy chopping parsley and broccoli into tiny pieces and popping them into vegetable caps. I didn't even know he could take a capsule. Good to know! 
He was concerned he wasn't getting enough fresh greens into his body. Bless. He then came up with the idea of putting Spirulina into caps. Genius that. We've both been taking them daily. They probably sell them in capsule form as well but I like the flexibility of having the powder for smoothies as well. Such a great boost at the end of winter when everyone seems to be falling with flu's, colds and various viruses. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cicada boy/s

 A friend had a Bugs and Blooms themed Spring party in the weekend. Jed and I had fun coming up with some costume ideas. Jed decided to go as a cicada. It's definitely not cicada season here yet so we researched what their wings looked like to remind ourselves. Jed had some dried wings in his nature collection that were cool to look at. 

It's been a long time since I did any loose fast painterly kinda painting, so I was pretty happy. I used a pair of dress up wings that a dear friend had given Jed (that'll be you dear Emma!) for his 2nd birthday as the model. We cut around them to get the shape. Painted freehand with fabric paint in green, black and gold. Then sewed on the elastic . Easy!

Jed was most proud of his mask. I made two bug 'hats' one night while he was sleeping but they weren't what he had in mind. We started again and he was super happy with how his full mask design turned out. I used a stretchy green fleece leftover from another project. The eyes are cut from felt then sewn and/or glued on. We put craft wire in the antennae so they can be twisted into shape.

We wore all green with our wings and bug gear. There were some pretty awesome outfits! Jed had a great time at the party and the outfits have had a few outings since. Who said it was too early for cicadas!?! Seems most fitting for Spring. x

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fabric-a-brac - the rundown

The blank looks when I told people I was going to Fabric-a-brac gave way to looks of befuddlement when I explained it was a fabric market. That's one way to tell the textile enthusiasts and crafters from the uninitiated or uninterested! It's a great little event, with all proceeds to Mercy Hospice. They put on a cream tea with homebaking for fundraising alongside the market, all on beautiful vintage teasets.

I got to meet the lovely Sarah, from Sew Love Tea Do. She has a shop in St Kevin's Arcade off Auckland's Karangahape Road where she runs workshops and classes from. The name breaks down to 'Learn to SEW and LOVE the earth over a cup of TEA. We can DO good.' Can't wait to see the store!

Co-founder of Sew Fun, blogger (Mermaids Purse), fellow homeschooler and jolly good friend, Angela Carter had a stall with another lovely, Estelle, plus many other familiar faces. The combination of fabric, friends and cream tea on a sunny Saturday morning is a heady one folks! In a gentle textile geeky sort of a way.

I bought some beautiful pieces from Louana of Green Buttons blog. and snapped up some patterns and Burda magazines for $1 a pop. Plus a big bag of felt for art projects with the kids. I also found some vintage handkerchiefs, I have a collection and am famous for always having one on me. So useful. 

This green and brown polka dot in a cotton linen blend is going to be perfect for the cushion Jed wants to make for his room. He's had the cushion inner and zip waiting for ages and couldn't settle on the right fabric. This one got the thumbs up. Phew.

There was a huge turnout. Much bigger than any time I've had a stall. I saw promotion for the market everywhere...whatever they did differently this time worked a treat. Nice one Mercy Hospice!