Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mystery wine

Okay, so which of you wonderful people sent me wine?! Not just any wine, but wonderful Richmond Plains organic wine. Mmmm. LUCKY me! 
It's a mystery. No note. I do love getting parcels. Funny, this is something I do...send people care packages of various feels so yummy to be on the receiving end. 
I have a vague memory of someone asking for my address last week when I was feeling terrible with this virus. Can't remember who though. I have checked all devices and messages too. Hmmm. 'Fess up you wonderful person you! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Simple Good Food: Miso and Avocado

In my days at the frantic paced Greenpeace office, lunch was often marmite and avocado on toast, with a sprinkle of baby salad leaves on top on a good day. I soon learned miso was much nicer. And better for you I would say.
This was a favourite snack in the early days of mama-hood, and the little guy and I both love it now. Miso and Avocado on my homemade 5 grain toast. Squeeze of lemon or a scattering of coriander leaves optional. Add some apple slices and other raw salad items around the plate and you have yourself a lunch. Sometimes good food is the most simple. 

I get requests for easy and fast healthy snacks and meal ideas alot. Kinda topical for parents of small people huh?! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Op shop happiness

I came home with this beauty for $5. Unused. So much love gone into making it, so many hours of work. So glad it's found a place to be appreciated. And not just by Chester the rabbit. Although he does have a bit of a thing for vintage handmade blankets. Remind me to show you his blanket one day.

I am no knitter. Or crocheter. Despite vague threats that I would try and learn this winter, I don't think it's going to happen...Spring is just around the corner and there are about oooh twelve writing projects I want to carve out time for. Plus a healthy pile of sewing. But I do love handknits. These granny squares just sing in their blues and greys with random sunshiney yellows and oranges in the middle. I always harbour hope that I might discover who made these beautiful things, it hasn't happened yet, but I love to imagine their stories. It might be destined for a friend, I am not sure yet, sometimes these things need to abide awhile and be admired until their true homes reveal themselves.

This little gem isn't going anywhere, that's for sure. A original manicure kit. Complete with three pairs of nail and hair trimming scissors made in Sheffield, England. I have been on the lookout for one ever since coveting my Nana's as a girl. Not sure what happened to her one but I sure am happy to have this one. It reminds me of my Nana all the same. 

It was a lucky day at the Op shops. I don't go all that much anymore and have adhered to my 'bring something in, two things go out' policy. Small house you know! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Zoo books - a review

We are so lucky to live within an hour of Auckland Zoo. I mean, we have fresh air and quiet and within reach of the city. I am grateful for the balance. An animal loving crew, one of our regular haunts is our zoo. The more time we spend there, the more we are learning about the zoo's conservation efforts, both here in New Zealand and internationally. It's pretty cool. Also cool is the Zoo shop. Or specifically, their book section.

We are book people. We'll have at least 70 library books, CD's and the occasional DVD out from our library at any one time. And I am proud of our little home reference library. It's an awesome thing to hear Jed ask a question about something and then go over and reach for the book to find out more. Yes, yes...the internet...there is always the internet and we do use it sometimes (especially me) but it's more of a back up thing for us at the moment.

Your purchases at the Auckland Zoo shop help support their work. As a Friend of the Zoo you get a 10% discount too. The selection is there is one of the best I have seen. Reasonably priced. Fiction as well as non-fiction and for all ages. We're talking really, super duper great. We've been at the Zoo probably once every two weeks this year and that book section just goes from strength to strength. Great to see. They have a good selection of quality games and gifts for little people birthday presents. Plus they have a wee drawing station for the kids and a 'The best of the Zoo' DVD playing. 

This is what we came home with last week. That's the only animal encyclopedia I have seen that covers reptiles, birds, mammals, invertebrates and fish all in one edition. There's a conservation/animal rescue homeschooling topic coming up for sure. Right after we finish the samurai studies...I know! 

And no money has passed hands for this review. I just wanted to sing their praises. It's heartfelt. x

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Most Treasured Possession - Stella of The Golden Adventures...

 Most Treasured Possession feature on GrowMama:
I have asked some lovely bloggers to share their most treasured possession with us and let us know why it is so treasured. 
Unfashionable in this age of decluttering, simplifying and tiny houses I know…but we all have our treasures.

This week with her Most Treasured Possession is 

Stella Rutherford

I wasn't sure what to pick at first.  The (boring) first thing that popped into my head was my laptop, filled to bursting with photos of my babies, and with all my various writings and illustrations hidden in it's archives.  However it was reading Gabrielle's post that reminded me of this one thing that I treasure about all other treasures.  Eleanor's 'coming home' bonnet - handknitted by my mama. 

My daughter's birth was a little traumatic for me, and resulted in her spending 24 hours or so in SCBU.  As a first time mama, this was extremely distressing and disorienting and I have to admit that it took me a surprisingly long amount of time to heal.  The most painful thing was feeling disconnected from my baby in those first, precious hours, and it wasn't until she was safe in my room and my arms, that I finally felt I could call myself her mother.  I remember the exact moment I placed this bonnet on her little head.  It was her 'coming home' bonnet, knitted by my mother, and in that act of dressing her, I felt I was claiming her as my own.  I feel like the bonnet is still holds imbued with the power of that moment, and it acted as my son's 'coming home' bonnet also.  I kinda can't wait to see it on another baby, one day :-)

(Eleanor in second pic, Garland in the first, close-up pic)

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your most treasured possession with us Stella. 
Those of you who have not 'met' Stella and her blog yet...YOU MUST! Stella is a very talented illustrator and writes young adult fiction. Plus, she is just super lovely. After corresponding for a few years, we finally got to meet a few weeks ago at a Blog Coffee meet up. And yes, she is just as nice in person. More so, if that's possible.