Wednesday, June 22, 2016

the local dump shop

Sadly I don't have much time for fossicking in op shops at the moment. We just moved into our new place and needed a few things. Budget was super low so we checked out the local dump shop after a session at the dump's Education Centre. The dump's official name is the Waitakere refuse and recycling transfer station...but y''s a mouthful, so 'the dump' it is.

Sheesh, it is sobering to see the amount of non recyclable rubbish pile up as you drive past. I recommend a visit. Nothing like it to re-invigorate your pledge to cut down on rubbish. Yikes.

Anyway. Aaron and the rest of the crew from the MPHS Trust took on the dump shop last December and they're doing a fab job. There are some wondrous things to be found, it's all beautifully organised and it's all at a good price.
I found a beautiful Mexican hand woven woollen queen size blanket for $8 on my first visit. Plus a fantastic vintage stool and a full length mirror. Great finds like that bring me much happiness on my teeny budget.
You can check out their facebook page HERE. x

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

RIP Chester - the best bunny

This photo was taken yesterday. Phoenix and Chester hanging out in a patch of winter sun. At my side while I worked. (The rabbit was the boss in this relationship, if anyone's wondering. )And I say 'was', because when we went outside this morning, Chester was dead. His little body was still and just ever so slightly warm but his fiesty loving spirit was gone. 
It's been a sad day. Many tears, a beautiful burial and many shocked statements like 'I can't believe Chester is gone' were scattered throughout the day. He leaves a kind of emptiness behind. The little dude has been a big part of our lives for the past four years. There was no sign of any ill health. Just yesterday afternoon he was hanging out with us. Today he is gone. His sudden passing is made harder as Jed is sick with a nasty stomach bug and besides, Chester was his special animal. He chose him when he was 5. 
It's a hard one to grasp, even for adults, that life can be here and then gone. There's been a theme of it in our lives this year. 
I will miss him. It was always disconcerting to have him lick my toes if I was on a work call but he was a total character and won many people over to the idea that rabbits had feelings and were intelligent creatures. Chester was fond of his vintage woollen blankets and cushions to snuggle into, loved  his fresh wild greens, cuddles, chasing the dog (and no, they were never left alone - just in case) and flopping in patches of sun. Looking back through my photo albums, he was quite possibly the most photographed bunny on the planet too. These are just a few that were on my desktop. He was much loved. RIP bunzer. xx

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Winter garden madness

It was the neverending summer until it wasn't. 
I had bare arms working in the garden ten days ago. It's been sleepless nights with gale force winds, crazy rains, flooding streams and a frost since. I have been stacking wood and splitting kindling.
It is definitely winter.
But there are spring bulbs flowering! 
I know. 
They bring me great joy to see them but they must be a bit befuddled by the weather too. The little fellow has been bringing fresh flowers in for the table alongside the chestnuts, pine sprig and feather he's found. It's strange to have the smells of spring flowers mingle with the woodsmoke from the fire. It reminds me of France.  

Friday, May 20, 2016

new members of the family

Meet the new girls. Actually, we took them on when we moved into our new home. The muscovy ducks have lived here much longer than us. They're free range, love porridge and roost at night on a tree overhanging the swimming hole. We're really enjoying their antics. Ducks are so funny. And can be kinda fierce. I am learning how to garden with them around. They like their salad as much as I do. My first punnets of seedlings didn't last long. I soon realised why there was a bunch of garden netting in the shed. On the upside they are fantastic company and there is not a slug or snail to be seen. Phoenix the dog is learning to cohabit peacefully with them. Thank goodness. I was a bit worried about that. As soon as he sees them he sits down now. He's been in training. 

We have to race the ducks for the big juicy feijoas and luckily they don't seem to like guavas. There will be guava jelly after all. Phew! 

Friday, May 13, 2016

moving house

I have moved a lot in my life. I lived out of my backpack for vast chunks of time. Or set up house, worked and dreamed in one place for a months or years, then gave it all away and wandered off with a backpack again. I got really good at carrying 'home' with me. But I have been in one place for ten years. I love that place. I love the garden, the view, the neighbours, the critters I shared that land with. But life is a funny ole journey and I have moved to the next valley. I learned that moving as a mama is another story altogether. Especially as a parent of someone who doesn't like change very much. It's been a big time. Feeling super grateful for friends who helped us move and made it home. 
Luckily, I LOVE my new house and the gardens and land around it. We're still exploring but as Jed said the other night, 'we fit here mama, it feels like we've lived here a long time already'. I have been hard at work in the gardens and Jed's befriending some impressive looking eels in the stream that runs alongside the house. I hope we get to stay for a long time. 
It's a time of big changes but I feel very blessed. 
Phoenix the dog was a bit befuddled by moving, he kept creeping into any open bags or boxes...just in case we forgot him I think. Funny wee creature. 
So anyway, that's why the big bloggy silence around here. Life has been full. (Now that's a freaking understatement!) But it's good and I look forward to sharing more of it with you. x