Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Dragon Riders

The long awaited third book to the Dragon Brothers trilogy is out! The Dragon Riders. It's good. The little guy was thrilled to find this in the mailbox. We dove straight into the story. It doesn't disappoint. Author James Russell knows his stuff. 

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

garden solace

I have been gardening a long time. I have lost track of how many gardens I have created or worked in and left over the years. It is a special kind of sadness to walk away from a much loved garden. My garden gypsy history makes this garden all the more special. 
I can't remember having such a great array of vegetables to choose from. A visit to the garden makes an entire dinner. Red peppers, tick! Chili peppers, tick! Salads, tick! Beans, tick! Onions, tick! Beetroot, tick! Okay, okay...I'll spare you the complete list.

In these past challenging months, it has been such a solace to forage for our food. I pop down for a bit of reading in the last of the day's sun, hang with the animals and whichever kids happen to be around, haul up a few vegetables and take my frustrations out on some hapless weeds.

Now my challenge is to carry on through winter. I am famous for planting up the garden in spring and then once autumn harvest is done there might be a few hardy kale and parsley plants persevering over the colder months. We have a temperate climate so I am thinking about a poly tunnel to extend the greens growing season. I gardened so long in the Northern Hemisphere, I still get my seasons muddled. Even after 8 years back in NZ. EIGHT years?! Ai yi yi. Must plant some more seeds tomorrow. xx

Thursday, March 26, 2015

rainbow moko

The little guy surprised me with this beautiful rainbow moko. I love all the colour and shape and movement. Especially how one area flows into another.

Which reminds me of a random thing. We were playing Junior Monopoly and talking about life (as you do) when Jed had to pay out. With the next roll of the dice the money came back to him. He said, "Ah...I see..money flows." A pause, and then, "but sometimes it gets sucked into a vortex and can't get out". And then, when he was almost out of money and I gave him some: "Monopoly should be like life...when someone is having a hard time, we help them out. Real life rich people should share more mama...that would save a lot of sadness in the world"

Wise words, I hope he holds onto them through out his life.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The beetroot motherlode

I am loving greens, peppers and beetroot from the garden. The beets especially. Grated into a salad or in a juice, something about the nutty freshness and the zingy colour is just happiness. 
There is nothing like a health scare to have us re-evaluate our lives. I asked myself a good question: if I was sick, what would I change? And then the big question, 'So why aren't I living like that now?' It's a darn good question.

Consequently, there's a lot more conscious eating around here. I am not following any protocol or diet. Been there and done that! (Many times over) I am doing something much more radical...checking in with my body and eating what I feel I need. And I feel much better for it. We are what we eat. And think. 

Focussing on good food and getting enough rest helps hugely when times get hard. And it's in the nature of life that those times roll around every now and then. It's how we meet them that makes all the difference. Who we have around us to lean on and hold space for us. And reminding us, 'This too shall pass'. Because it does, it always does. 

And there's always the magic of perspective. Sheesh, my heart goes out to the folks in Vanuatu in the wake of Cyclone Pam. If I could just get this puppy sleeping through the night things will be looking up!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

the small things help

It's been a full time. I am struggling a bit. It's strange...things are easing yet now I fall (just ever so gently) to pieces. It is safe to now I suppose, there is space for it. Ups and downs of life and all that.
One big relief is getting the all clear from mammogram and ultrasound at my hospital visit. So grateful for that. It was a long 6 week wait. Which I filled with bi-weekly acupuncture visits, poke root and cleavers tinctures and meditation. Tucked in between work and homeschooling and cooking and oh, lets be honest - not much cleaning! My dad is out of hospital too, another relief. Poor dude had every complication possible I think.

What helps in times like these are kind librarians who patiently sort out my overdue books and wrongly requested books and quietly request the right ones while I fly off to another appointment. Thank you. You know who you are. Such small kindnesses have such a big effect. x
What helps are friends who reach out by phone or by hug.
Little treats help. That fair trade dark mint chocolate definitely helped! So did the rose and geranium oil. It's become a bit of a trademark.
Phone calls with my beautiful sister helped. Sitting on the deck at night, looking up into the stars helps. Marvelling at the perfection of a little skink in our garden helps. 

Puppies help. Even when they disappear into the bush and have to hauled out covered in cat poo to experience their first bath. (True story!) Laughter helps. Eating my favourite quick meal of half an avocado with sauerkraut helps. And fresh end of season plums help.

Deep breaths help too. Such a simple thing, breathing, yet taking a moment to tune into our bodies and be mindful can be so profound. The little things add up to be quite large.