Sunday, July 26, 2009

buddha in captivity

She was so serene and wise looking, one hand resting on a round tum, the other fingers reaching out to touch Jed's, their eyes meeting. Jed turned around and said ' Mama, look, like the buddha, she buddha'.

Call me a radical but i never thought i’d see the day i would go to the zoo. Other than to lobby for better conditions (or freedom) for the animals or stage an anti-fur demo. Then i became a mama. It does strange things to a person. Jed and i went on an adventure into town and went to the zoo. I was torn between absolute awe at those beautiful creatures and feeling very honoured to be up close and somewhat personal with them, and then deep sadness that they weren’t in the wild. I am a freedom freak, partly reformed, but still...i feel for them. I talk about how we humans treat animals with Jed. Hopefully in a simple way that is pertinent to the moment.
I still go around about whether the educational aspects or saving species through breeding programs arguments really justify animals in captivity. Gut feeling? Probably not. That didn’t stop my mouth from dropping open to be a metre away from that glorious mama tiger having a nap in the sun, or laughing our asses off at the elephant taking the hose off its keeper to give itself a drink and the keeper a wee squirt, or share a look of wonder many many times that morning with my son. Perhaps the important thing is that we do ask these questions and keep talking about it. One of those paradoxes i am learning to make my peace with i guess. Or perhaps deciding if i CAN make peace with it. Hmm. Deep thoughts for a very tired person.

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