Sunday, July 12, 2009

let's go retro

There is a definite kind of order to the tangle of goodness.

Lets go retro on Swanson Rd in West Auckland is a treasure trove of retro goodies. I got a tip-off that she had a corner of old fabrics so i dragged a friend along for a Saturday fossick.

Reminds me of my nana's cupboards.

It's a wander through the ages.

The shop is mainly old stuff but also stocks some great local artists and crafters that are inspired by kiwiana/retro. My camera is either being cantakerous or has upped and died so i can't give you the full picture but you get the idea.

Aha! The fabric stash! Emma having a dig.
You know, i walked out emptyhanded (of fabric)...i love the joy of a good few dollar find in markets or op shops and having it all layed out for me felt a little like cheating. Sigh. That, and i was trying to not spend. Much.

Hours could be spent. And, although very reasonably priced, much money could be spent. A dangerous place for sure! (Those two things - hours and money - being in rather short supply at the moment). But a wonderful place nonetheless. And a welcome contrast to much of the rest of my weekend, which was spent at play with the boys and deep thinking about what kind of world Jed may grow into adulthood in and how i can make a difference parenting from home. No big answers yet.

PS: Lets go retro also stocks World Sweet World. It's all about MIY. Check it out.

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