Saturday, July 11, 2009

loving that beach

i don't mean to brag but, for a west coast nz winter, we sure have been getting alot of glorious sun...
...and i mean pure blissed out gorgeous days with hardly any wind and warm warm sun (did i mention the sun yet?) and buttnaked little people running wild in those sand dunes and splashing in the streams.

[And people, that sure beats the two and a half solid months of rain that last winter featured...yup, try that with a walking non sleeping small person afoot...THAT was grim]

We've been down to the beach many many times in that last ten days and you just try and keep that wee fella out of the water...

Or from hijacking his best mate's beach gear.

Or from flying keio's kite.
Happy happy.

The story goes like this (i was far away in fabric or thrift world but i hear this from two reliable sources): Jed and his dadda found a bug in the sand. It dug a hole and buried itself. So, when a hole was dug later on... Jed jumped in and started burying himself. When asked what he was doing: 'i'm a bug'. Sometimes big people are a bit slow. Being a bug is a very intense thing. It involves being alone and much digging and patting of sand.

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