Tuesday, July 7, 2009

new zealand night visitors

a weta on our deck

- Weta
- Moreporks (or Ruru in Te Reo)
- Full moon
- The ginger menace

First two are iconic NZ creatures -often found at night. Second two are found worldwide.

We had a baby weta living in our bathroom for weeks. It came in through the window from the bush and just decided to set up house. I scooped it up and re-homed it three times (much to jed’s disgust, he wanted it to stay) and it kept coming back. Unbelievable. Bit unsettling sharing your bathroom with a weta. Have you seen those spikes? On one memorable evening i found it perched just under the rim of the toilet seat. Let’s just say i hope never to feel the touch of weta antenna in the same way ever again. After almost getting squished in the box of bath toys, it left. Jed looked for it for weeks. Gone. I wonder if the visitor we had on the deck last night was it all grown up.

Morepork’s (a kind of owl native to NZ)wake up and start their calling just as Jed is going to bed. They like to sit on a branch directly outside his window. They are a key part of his daily rhythym. When i ask him what woke him up in the night, eight times out of ten, he says...moreporks.

The moon is the moon. Beautifully full at the moment. Worth a trip out to the garden to view and marvel at, best done in pjamas with Dadda and holding own torch.

The ginger menace is a cat. Often the cause of angry sounding cat fighting at night. For a long time if jed heard shouting or felt someone was angry he’d come close and say ‘ginger menace, mama’. I named it the ginger menace because well, my imagination has a tendency to run wild. For awhile there we’d only get a glimpse of a ginger feline streak as it fled. Then we saw it: teeny cute looking ginger thing with a green collar. But the name stuck.
We passed a pet shop in town the other day and jed said ‘ooooh, look mama, baby ginger menace’. Yup, a tiny ginger kitten.

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