Friday, July 24, 2009

oh excitement (of the sewer's variety)

I bought this fabric to make part of a Jed birthday present but it seems fitting to use a snippet here.

Oh excitement. A new love in my life. My sister had kindly lent me her machine. I embarked on sewing all manner of things immediately, including a wee range of little kid trousers. And then she started making noises about repossessing it and it responded by skipping stitches. Turns out she’s never used it since buying it off trademe and well, shame on my empty pockets but i didn’t want to get it serviced. So, i looked and looked and bid wisely on the aforesaid trademe and found this wee beauty. For a snippet of what i’d seen in the stores. He he. Not sure why that is such a thrilling feeling for me, but it is.

One sewing machine cover. With pockets to stuff those vital little sewing bits.

Rules upon taking ownership of ‘new’ machine, is to sew something for myself first. I dug through my modest fabric stash (re-purposed fabric mainly) and used the hideous plastic cover the machine came with as a model for the new sewing machine cover. It sews like a dream. It’s owner needs some more sleep to be as good, but you get that.

Ta da!
A brother 2500. I had entertained fantasies of a metal bodied professional machine (and overlocker, and, and..) but reality prevailed. This does all i need - for now.
About those small person trousers: Just hemming the first batch. Stay tuned. Most of our clothes are second hand but i do buy the occasional special thing new. I have a tall small person and i tired of seeing his ankles peep out of every pair of trousers. I kept hearing friends winge about not being able to find toddler trousers that accommodated a nappy when necessary, were comfortable to wear and hardwearing and were groovy looking. So, i have taken it up on myself to create them. I need to generate some income from home so i can continue to be present for Jed and this is one way i can do that. (Then there are the bags. But more about those later.)

Ahem, busted. Ours being a small house, i pack my sewing stuff away after each session and yes, i take over my son's wee table and chairs as a workspace when he sleeps. Hey, you do what you can.

Jed now has enough mama made trousers to see him through the winter. He gets to wear the prototypes. Trousers aside, i have a pile of fabric and BIG plans.

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