Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a peek into our day

This piece of multi-coloured patched loveliness is Jed, Pema and I's new best friend. A large blankie, lined with soft flannelette fabric. Beautifully made and recently acquired from Trademe. Perfect for snuggling into and reading books in front of the fire.

Our dining table gets appropriated as craft space on a regular basis. Often with my work on one side and Jed's creations theoretically on the other side. I envy those with rumpus rooms and studios. Sigh. I am thinking of my fabric drying out from being drenched with tea by a certain small craftster. Neh, it's only mess. One of our motto's. It's only mess.

A little pumpkin loving. It's been sitting on our bench for a few days and we are about ready to cut into it. We have plans. Big plans. But not yet, still enjoying it whole. Jed planted those seeds and we watched it grow all summer. Kind of grown attached to it.

Our much neglected garden. There are vegetables and herbs in there, really there are.
We found a wonderful basket at our last rummage in an opshop and it has become our treasure basket and is perfect for a trip down to the garden to pick parsley, rocket and the tastiest broccoli you ever did taste.

The basket of joy. Made of all natural materials, it carries shells from the beach, seeds, feathers, herbs, lemons, vegetables and strange rocks. Twenty cents for a good time.

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