Monday, July 6, 2009

riding it for all its worth

Busy morning at the fire station. One happy Jed. He got to pull the siren button. ‘I’m a siren man, mama' .
Now, he sleeps. I look at his peaceful face and leg it for the door.
I go downstairs, nimbly avoiding the pile of cd’s and eco magazine on the stairs.
Put kettle on. Quickly knock back this morning’s sunflower seed bread dough and put it in the oven.
Avert eyes from the pile of dishes and pj’s strewn on the couch.
Make tea. Make eyes go all soft focus when pointing in direction of half eaten toast and tea cup on the table.
Drag out sewing box and finish pinning a project for sewing later.
Ignoring phone (sorry love) i run upstairs to computer, before i crack and do something utterly crazy like put washing on or do those infernal dishes. Because HE’S ASLEEP. This is sacred, quiet, handsfree time for ME. These are my moments and i have learnt to ride them for all they are worth. I try not to do anything i could do with Jed afoot (or helping). This respite in my 6am-8pm days (and on call at night) could get cut short at any moment, i know that. I am at peace with that. This is being in the now. Just me, sounds of the surf, the birds, the keyboard or sewing machine and space to think. Ahhh

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