Tuesday, July 28, 2009

that pumpkin

Jed and i planted these organic pumpkin seeds and entrusted them to the wonderful Hew the housesitting friend while we were based in Fiji a month. They survived and thrived on our baking hot deck and I helped Jed plant them out in the garden and every day we’d watch their progress. Jed was proud. He’d take visitors by the hand and drag them down to show them. It got very exciting when the fruit started developing and Jed carrying the pumpkin up to the house was a big day.

This pumpkin lived on our outside table since harvest time. In pride of place, where we could see it every day. It’s been sat on, painted, been used as a weight many a windy night, caressed many a quiet moment and it even survived the big feelings of being rolled off the table. (Jed wanted to see if it would roll, fair enough, exploring is his job afterall)

And last week brought another big day in the life of pumpkin. Or ‘punk punk’ as Jed used to call it in his younger days. Cuttin’ time!

Pumpkin soup, warm pumpkin quinoa and spinach salad, pumpkin pizza and still half a pumpkin left. Wondrous things, pumpkins. Easy to grow, they store for months and months without preserving, taste great and you can cook them in so many ways. Oh yes, and some varietys survive heavy attentions from little people for months and still make it to the kitchen for eating. I love the connection to what we eat by growing it. I love that Jed learns where food really comes from.

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