Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The zone

One of the artist's in residence...deep in the zone in his 'studio'
I love setting him up with what he needs and stepping back to give him space and see what unfolds.
We got a new-old easel/blackboard/magnetic board, add a bit of duct tape and we're away. I love duct tape.

Just need to find cups that fit into the holes. We are using recycled coffee cups until then.

It was the longest ever stint using brushes..then the hands go in.

mmmmm, painting
I love the creative process. Whether it be baking (with a little creative elaboration weaving in and out of the recipe – of course!), painting, sewing, writing (especially writing) even gardening or building a hut can get me in the zone. The zone. That place you go when you are completely absorbed in creating. I find as i make something, anything, the world drops away and as i work, so do the frustrations and any tension i carry. My shoulders loosen, my neck falls into its correct alignment, my back straightens up. It’s a kind of yoga.

Jed does it in play. Pretty much anything can get him into the zone - exploring the feeling of bubbles in the bath, painting, watching a bug, eating. He and the other small people in my life are great reminders of the importance of dwelling in the zone from time to time. We adults forget the healing potential of the zone. I certainly can get caught up in the logistics of mamahood.

Every evening after i come downstairs from bearing witness to Jed’s descent into sleep, i am usually tired. If i start making, creating, or dreaming up the next project i get a second wind of energy that refreshs and carries me into my own time. I sleep better.

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