Monday, August 3, 2009

a big few days

The birthday morning surprises. Note the mama-made name flags. I have made those for other kids in the past and it was so lovely to make them for Jed. My son. I still wonder at the incredibleness of it all.

What a magical few days.
Jed is now 2. A few days before his birthday i go through the process of remembering back to our birthing. Labouring at home to the sound of the sea and bush to the hellish ride in over the hill at nine and half inches dilated, to the exact opposite to our ideal birth. Emergency caesarean and almost dying to top it off. Bugger. Ms Natural here has a new found respect for allopathic Western medicine now. I would’nt be alive without it. And you know what? It had it’s own magic.
I digress. A birthday weekend just passed. A wide eyed wise little person drinking it all in. Swimming, a visit to a local farm and getting up close and cuddly with baby lamb and all manner of animals, horseriding. Wandering around with a rat on his shoulder. Yup. Intrepid. Playing with his friends in the sun on our deck. A windy beach adventure with a new tricycle. With pedals AND a special horn from his best mate. Puddles and sunshine. The joys of a large cardboard box transformed into a house. Family. Yay us.

Jed and i make cards for other people alot and he loved that he got one. With a baby on it. Jed is big on babies.

Mama's late night cake creation. A tree, complete with bugs, sweet smelling jasmine flowers (makes the icing taste yum too), using fresh kawa kawa leaves and not a synthetic food colouring in sight.

Jed was clear that he wanted a party. With cake. He named his people. He deemed there should be a ‘pass de parcel game’ and wanted a pig and a lamb to come too. (Hence the visit to the farm as a compromise).I mean, really! The dude goes to one birthday party and he’s got it all down. It was small and lovely, with coffee machine cranking for the parents, homemade cards “look mama, i got some art”, much good food and good oldfashioned make your own fun and just hanging out. Good times.

A pat for Rosie. " I'm riding a horse, mama"

There was collections of old machinery all over the farm. Great stuff. Endless exploring and questions. " Mama, what that do?"

My favourite parts?
The look on Jed’s face when he came downstairs to a world transformed in honour of his birthday. The smile when he blew his candles out with his people around him. Decorating his cake together.
The morning after, when he woke at 5.30, jumped out of bed saying “i’m a Jed now, i’m SUPER guy” and proceeded to fly around the room at full happy volume. “I’m a bit happy”. And this is a kid who doesn’t know about TV yet. Maybe the superhero thing is hardwired?!
[i promise the next lot of pics will be clearer, that lens is free of Jed prints and mandarin juice now]

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