Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a craftworld find

the whole posse

I'd plug the crafty people that make these but there's no contact on the tag that came with it. Lovely gift and affordable in a way that makes you wonder if these people have enough food on the table. ImaginatioNZ is them.

Visiting a healer (Nigel’s the real deal people) in the unlikeliest place of Westgate in Massey i ducked into a shop i believed was a purveyor of craft materials, which i was in dire need of. I was baffled to find myself in a HUGE store, full of aisles of little market stalls. Craftworld stocks handmade items of all sorts...from the ugly, downright bizarre to the beautiful bordering on sublime, from herbal medicines to knitted jumpers, woodworks, clothes, toys..you name it and it’s there. Quite a fascinating wander. And a heads up to all those crafty mama’s out there looking for places to sell your beautiful handmade goodness.
I found this farm bag of gorgeousness at Craftworld. I alternated between whoops of joy that i could afford it and sad that so much craftiness went for so cheap. We love it.

I have been looking into where to sell my lovingly made craftyness and you know, there isn’t a clearcut answer in a wee country like Aotearoa. There’s felt (NZ), there’s etsy of course (international), there are a few boutiquey type places (mainly in Wellington it has to be said), there’s trademe – which is not really for handmade specifically but worth a go. Anyway, i have been sick but am back on it. I have a plan. (There’s a reason why Jed says that alot) When plan (27867b) becomes concrete action i’ll let you know.

Much sewing and plotting going on here. Among other things my first go at a bib – with vintage fabric. I took the pattern from one of Jed’s (from the few months he actually wore one occasionally) and it came out great and there’s more on the way. More exciting was that i managed the whole project while Jed having a whale of a time doing the dishes. It does ease up. I was wondering!

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