Wednesday, August 12, 2009


A woman i barely know gave me these jonquils out of the blue yesterday. Next time i see her I will let her know how much joy her gift brought me. My car now smells divine and we have a harbinger of spring in the very welcome!

She had too many in her garden and wanted to share. What a great thing sharing is.
You can just get a peek of the wonder ful rocking horse Jed’s granpa made him in the background.

Jed has been into asking the camellia bush for flowers lately. (This morning in the sand dunes i overheard him talking to the bushes...’thanks for your touch plants’ as he brushed past. How lovely is that.)
Last night’s bath was a sweet smelling one! In went his camellia flowers, some jonquils and rose geranium leaves for a bit of green.

A peaceful kind of fun. (Note that the camellia's are now in small pieces!)

Sometimes i wonder what memories Jed will carry with him about his childhood...

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