Wednesday, August 19, 2009


A favourite at the moment is peppermint tea, fresh picked. Delicious warm or cold.
Peak chickweed season too - it feels so good to eat wild so abundantly.
It has to be spring coming, the herb garden is going wild.

It stays green throughout the year here in NZ, but there is something special about the new tender green growth of spring.

And check out this green deliciousness - the newest addition to the vintage stash. From Lets Go Retro on Swanson Rd. I love it.

Not sure what it will become but it's day will come.
Must go, small boy awake and i try not to model computer work for him (ESPecially not on sunny days like this one has turned out to be). Going to check out the rumour that the kowhai's are budding already.

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