Wednesday, August 26, 2009

magic for lunch

We were headed for lunch after a mighty fine time down at the beach, minding our own business, pedalling down the road (the only one small person bikeable around here), when we got a tip-off.

Baby seal in the dunes down by the caves. Jed wasn’t going anywhere but there. Lunch, schmunch. Who needs lunch when there’s a baby seal to see. And anyway, we had an apple.
Enroute, i had to prime the small one that the mama seal might have come back for the baba, that the babyseal might’ve gone hunting for fish AND we may not be able to find it. But we’d try. Oh yes we would. Oh, and explain that perhaps cuddling and nuzzling it wouldn’t be an option. “Mama, what wild mean?”

No mama in sight. Is it just me or does baba seal look sad? DOC (Dept of Conservation) says it’s not unusual for the mama and seal pup to get separated and protocol (schmotocol) is to leave them be in hopes mama seal comes back or find them.

Small creature meets small creature. Magical.

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  1. I heard on the radio that this is the time of year that young seals leave their mums and start out on their own, and that sad expression is just the way they look. They warned about getting too close, cause they can be unpredictably vicious! So you were right to be cautious. Apparently a group of people found a young seal around Wellington, and thinking that is was lost and sad, tried to relocate it to the South Island via a ferry ride in the back of the car! Hence the radio report telling people that seals will be seals and not to worry.