Sunday, August 9, 2009

magic in the mundane

A life less ordinary...

(‘Free spirit’ i was called many times, living my dreams as they occur to me, known to hitchhike through three countries to get to a party, living out of dumpsters, sniffing out the wise women still herbcrafting the old ways, on the frontlines of eco-activism and social pioneering (a la star family and radical intimacy), wandering and living in many many countries, being gobsmacked by beauty again and again and again...) the mundane and relentlessness of parenting in an isolated area.
But wait.

The trick is to find the magic in the mundane, the spiritual awakening in the relentlessness and sink into the extreme beauty in life. (Easy when you live where i do, oh the view, the view!)

Someone asked me why i wanted to spend a whole (and so precious) day ‘off’ at a parenting workshop when i live in that world 24/7. They (shall remain unnamed) made fun of me for being so into being a mama. I smiled and made my excuses. Later, talking to a friend and mama of two about the conversation, she rallied and said ‘ you know, so much of EVERY freaking day is relentless and kinda monotonous and mundane being a mama. You need to find meaning in this journey.’ Uh huh, question and learn and grow from the experience just for your own sanity if not for any other reason. Of course, then there is the fact that we are engaged in the most important work of our lives. If i engage in parenting as a spiritual path, i get to grow too. I use everything in my day as opportunity to grow and learn. Then there is the wee honour of being the guide, gatekeeper and nurturer of this being who has come to YOU for support on their life journey. What a trip.

Loving what a delicious tumble of things ended up on my dining table today...i feast on yellow and green on these winter days.

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  1. I've been having similar thoughts today -- so many of the high points of my life have been in "extraordinary" and dramatic events... and it seems like being a mama means stepping out of the drama, off of the stage, and into the simple quiet joy of being alive, and sharing deeply with another being. As I write it out, it sounds beautiful and ideal... and it's amazing how hard it's been for that "simple" idea to sink in.