Monday, August 17, 2009

on a mission

mmmm vintage fabric...
the vital sewing tools basket
Small house housing large spirits, much energy and many projects. Hmm.
My fabric stash and sewing gear is all stacked in the cupboard-under-the-stairs harry Potter style, alongside the linen, my patterns (mostly my own out of brown wrapping paper), Jed and i’s craftbox et c etc. I am on a mission to get more organised.
Late hours of last night found me winding bias bindings around recycled cardboard and marking them with their lengths, upending the basket i use for all my vital sewing tools and tidying, tidying. I have orders to fill and i like being able to find everything when i’m in the flow of creating.
Piles are tidy but still in the way. I’m on the lookout for a pullout drawer setup on wheels (just until i have my dream studio – or actually any studio space).

Current dilemma is how to store my patterns, other than roll them up. I’m hijacking half of Jed’s art folder until i figure that one out.
Hmm, tidying, sorting, eyeing up lightweight floral clothing, my herb garden is making a comeback...seems like Spring-like behaviour to me! Spring is coming.

mark one version of one of my bib patterns - in brown paper, i wasn't kidding

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