Saturday, August 1, 2009


Well, here they are. Pants. Or, for those not in NZ, for whom pants means undies, trousers.
I made my boy some awhile back and have been inundated with interest every time he wears them. They have passed the road test with flying colours, selling like hotcakes off the kitchen table. I haven’t got it it together to open a shop in etsy or felt yet, and can’t bring myself to sit for hours at a market. I will list them online somewhere and let you know the link. Any other ideas of where to stock them let me know.

Lovingly made, hardwearing, one of a kind, re-inforced crotch, room enough for a nappy if required, gender non-specific designs and using high quality retro re-purposed trim where possible. Available in sizes 1-3.
The cuffs are on the narrow side so they don’t catch on anything while the little monkey wearing them is climbing/playing and it keeps the leg warmer than a wider leg trouser.

There’s a stretch denim pair with the groovy check trim that is Jed’s latest prototype to run wild in and they are holding up well. I like the look of the wide leg pants, but you know, it gets awful gusty on the beach in winter and the narrower ones are our everyday favourites.

For jed, anything can turn into pants. If you’re a crafty mama and have a sewing machine (or happy hand stitching) ...recycle old shirts into pjama’s or use the sleeves of old woollen jumpers as the leg part and sew a roll of band at the top. These can look very cool. I’ve been experimenting in my odd moments spare. It was Jed’s birthday this week (involving ALOT of imaginative seat-of-the-pants crafting, late night cake creating and general rabble rousing – more about that next time!) which has been alot of fun but i am kinda looking forward to things quieting down a bit so i can get back to the crafting programme. Ahem.

Ah yes, and apologies for the photo quality, i realised (after downloading this last batch) that a certain small person who has been using the camera to view pictures by themselves for months, has developed an unfortunate (for my photo quality) attraction to exploring the lens with unidentifiable foodstuffs on fingers. After the next post you will notice a HUGE improvement. Promise.

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