Saturday, August 15, 2009

sewing up a storm

I have a project list a few pages long. I like it that way. I could cut out ten projects right now. Finding the time to sew/make them may take a wee bit longer, given i work or am on call from 5.30 or 6am until 8pm, if not 24/ mama's of very small ones know how it is.

My favourite is coming up with an idea and then sitting down and sketching it, then trying to figure out the pattern pieces (or, i have to admit, sometimes i just start cutting and work it out as i go along). I’ll dig through my cupboards and look at how other similar things are made. I lay out fabrics from my stash and see what jumps out for that particular project. I am not very good at following orders. I can do it and probably should more often. I just like the challenge of figuring it out. So satisfying.

this one's not a true vintage fabric but a modern retro print
Taking a breather from little kids pants, i have worked up a line of bibs to sell. Such a great way to use those little fragments of delicious vintage fabric i like to use. I pulled out an old bib of jed’s (back in the days when he wore them) and took a basic pattern from that, tweaking it to make it better. I love what i’ve come up with and have orders coming in already. They’ll be available online and in a shop nearby very soon, but more about where to buy them next time.

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