Saturday, August 22, 2009


we fished this lovely fellow out of the 10 cent box at a local opshop (that's a thrift shop for you internationals)...he is all handstitched from someone's quilt scraps. SO much love and care gone into his making. he even has shoes and teeny fingers.
a taste of what could be yours...these lovely old retro pjama's are going on my labour day market stall

and, on the way to the farmers market, the small one and i checked out Calico Cottage this morning - after many many times driving past with a sleeping boy in the back i finally got through the front door. A barn of delights if you are quilt/crafty minded.

Jed thought this was an 'oldfashioned lawn mower'. I used to have a treadle singer like this one when i lived at my sustainable best in the French Pyrenees, it was the best machine.

my favourite picture of the day...spiral fabric goodness
Orders are a bit behind schedule, i have had to sheepishly admit that i am sick, again. Most unlike me. I need to rest more. Bed at eleven pm, up twice in the night and been up at 5am the last three mornings with no naps. Ai yi yi. I know i am not alone. Big ups to all the mama's out there doing the hard sleep yards with our small ones. It ain't easy. I feel a sleep topic blog post coming on....
Until then: breathe deep, sleep when you can, know that it will change, rant to a friend or in your journal if you need to and focus on the now ... there's always magic dwelling there. Especially with these little people around. Even when curled up in a rug, sick on the couch. Really. It's always there, we just choose not to see sometimes.

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