Tuesday, August 25, 2009

weaving music into every day

Most days since Jed was born, i’ve cranked up the stereo and we dance wild. I used to dance with him in my arms, now he is wild thing all by himself. I collected a kete of instruments made of natural materials and one of us will haul it out and make music along with our dancing. Or we’ll jam with just the birds and the surf in the background.
It’s my favourite thing to do in the later afternoon/early evening slump when i am tempted to crave curling up with a book by myself (yeah, right) but actually what is needed, is a little connection and play. It feels so good to let loose and i love love love watching that small person’s groovy moves.

When we’re out adventuring we’ll find sticks and make music wherever we are. Drums are everywhere...on bridges, fences, in buckets and paint pots, garden stakes and especially in tool sheds.

Sometimes, and it doesn't matter where he is, Jed will dance and tell me that he hears music in his head. Or he dances to birdsong and beats from within. I aspire to do that again.

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