Tuesday, September 8, 2009

art everywhere

A simple trip to the mailbox can (and often does) involve nature communing, making art, or 'sitting and thinking in a patch of sun' (a favourite activity amongst our more boisterous play).

I was never a fan of camellia's. I have an aversion to pink which i am trying to get over. But, but but....there are some growing alongside our drive and this variety is so perfectly lotus-like and beautiful. And the scent is just delicious. Jed's word, not mine.

Nature art installation on the steps.

An artist at work.

A small celebratory aside: I slept my first 6 hour chunk of sleep last night since i was 6 months pregnant. I cannot tell you how fantastic i felt today. Clearheaded, energetic....sigh! May there be many more in my future.

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