Tuesday, September 15, 2009

breathing deep

A late sunday afternoon at the beach, a wee tub of Kohu rd icecream to share, a sit and a wander in the sunshine, sea air, a bit of digging and letting the sea wash away fatigue and grumpiness. Perfect.
Day five into sleeping better Jed got very sick. Unbelievable is it not? Poor dude. Hardly EVER sick. Timing is impeccable. I am trying not to make it mean anything (like someone has put a curse on me that i may not sleep through the night for 18 years or somesuch -i'd settle for one chunk of sleep really i would) and remembering to tune into how the small person is doing and not marinate in my own grim head. Mostly i am graceful about these things. This Sunday afternoon, i was not. On next to no sleep (and isnt it hard to see your wee one struggle with pain and not being able to sleep) and giving up hope of that elusive 'time to myself', J and i bailed down to the beach. It was so good.
May your nights be restful.
A crafty aside: more about the small ones pants soon - they were a women's T shirt that i picked up from the opshop and whipped them up into yoga pants. Loving them.

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