Tuesday, September 1, 2009

crafting like crazy

The Lets Go Retro order, in store now. On Swanson rd in West Auckland. Well worth a wander round. And not only because my gear in there!

On very little (cough interrupted) sleep, with much hanging at home and letting go of big town mission or adventure plans, much crafting has organically come into being.

Jed and i's first shared sewing/art project. (Two year old using sewing machine with mama...do not attempt when extremely tired!) So exciting to be starting on this crafting path together. A pencil case (corduroy with vintage trim) to celebrate his friend and neighbour's 5th birthday and beginning school. Jed was so proud. I bought fabric markers especially for this project - fun stuff.

Meet Catta. Short for Cattalina apparently. Jed rescued her out of the Salvation Army 10 cent bin and she's been part of the family every since. I made her a special bed and blanket, for when she's not sharing Jed's (or mine).

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