Saturday, September 19, 2009

first stitches, synchronicity and soulemama

Jed’s first stitches.

He chose purple hessian and turquoise wool (that's my boy!) and was VERY excited about having his very own tapestry needle. It gets picked up and worked on every so often. I am undecided whether to frame it or make it into a cushion for Jed's little couch. I'll put it to the artist in question.

I was working the library at high speed the other day (precious moments by self were ticking away y’know) and right there, in my flightpath, on the floor all by itself in the middle of an aisle was this bookby Tina Davis: See and Sew: A sewing book for children. I had just finished Amanda Blake Soule’s ‘The Creative family’ book the night before and it was listed in the resource section. The synchronicity's working i tell you. Both are beautiful books. I was amazed at how many of the practices in Creative Family we do already. Kinda spooky.

Amanda Soule is Soulemama and if you haven’t checked out her it. HOW she does it all with four children i do not know. Perhaps they all sleep through the night and she has a supportive partner and grandparents living next door?!! Even so, she is a crafty mama heroine and the world is far the better for her work. Since i began this blog i love the links to other blogs that folks email. I had no idea there were so many mama's re-crafting the world out there. Thank you, thank you. That feeling of solidarity is treasured.

i love these slippers. One day, with the Labour Day market and my orders up to date....i may have to late night make some. I'll add them to the crafting list.

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