Thursday, September 10, 2009


This giant tree fern frond is busy unfurling just outside our living space window. I can reach out and touch it. It symbolises what is going on for me right now. The koru, or fern frond spiral, represents many things in Aotearoa and features central in much Maori art. Life. Growth. Movement. Renewal. Hope for the future. It is the symbol of creation, of life unfolding and turning back on itself.

Jed has been waking up only once a night then going back to sleep until the very civilised hour of 6am. He is very proud. And me? I feel so different i can’t tell you. I don’t have to nap when J does to make it through the day. I have a bit of energy to see through my dreams and ideas (never in shortage). I can plan ahead further than one day at a time. And this is only three days into our new world of having-enough-sleep. Almost in tears thinking about it. Or whooping joy from mountaintops. PHEW.

(If this keeps up, i'm going to through a celebratory YAY for sleep party to honour the huge step this is for Jed. )

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