Tuesday, September 22, 2009

T-shirt to pants

As promised, here are the yoga style pants i made for Jed from a $1 secondhand Tshirt.
Now, you have to take my word that they are made from a Tshirt, because my crazy camera was on the blink that day. Any doubters are welcome to email me and i'll post pictures of the very few scraps of fabric left over.
Next pair perhaps i'll post a tutorial with step by step pics.

Coming into summer, i wanted something comfortable, hardwearing and covering the knee (those knees take a knocking sometimes, best they are covered to cushion the doofs) and Jed is really into yoga at the moment. So, one night when i was meant to be making stuff for my upcoming market stall, i got a bit creative with a Tshirt that i loved but no matter how much i stretched, didn't fit. They are hipsters and flare out slightly and sit above ankle, groovyness personified that boy. I used a pair of Jed's pants as a rough template but basically went wild with the scissors and made it up as i went along. I didn't finish any seams (this Tshirt material doesn't fray),used the existing hem and the sleeves as the back pockets. They took no time at all. I think i'll be making more of these. Not the best pictures to show them off but with a dodgy camera and a busy model i consider myself lucky.

I love taking something that someone has thrown away and re-purposing it into something useful, beautiful, or strange in a groovy sort of a way. Makes me happy. Upcycling. One woman's rubbish is another woman's favourite dress etc etc. There's enough stuff in the world.

And i love that when anyone comment on liking his pants Jed says 'my mama made them for ME'.

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