Saturday, October 10, 2009

a peek into our day

Portrait of the chronically sleep deprived. It was all we could do to sit on the dunes and watch the day fade. The sea makes it better.

A peek at the lush moss-green of spring. It's been cold, tomatoes curling their leaves in disgust in their pots.

Pixie hatted boy in one of his favourite places: rummaging in a toolbox in the shed.

And there is fecundity afoot. Birds are doing their thang, we heard the peeping of baby quail, there are ducklings down at the pond, the tomcats are singing the blues nightly busy courting and we spotted this nest of baby spiders being shepherded back into the safety of their webby home by their beautiful big ole mama spider. Spring!

Mama and her crew.
Heading to Taranaki....if we can get through the snow on the high roads. More then.

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