Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the rites of spring

Calendula from a friends garden, one of five fresh herbs waiting to be made into my annual salve.

Comfrey at her spring best. Also waiting for salve-dom. Recipe and pictures to come. Every househould needs a pot of healing salve to hand.

And, the planting out of the garden. He remembered the deal from last year, amazing. Or maybe not, given how much time we spend pottering in and around the garden.
I love how excited we both get seeing which seeds have sprouted up overnight. May i never get jaded enough to be bored by simple yet profound miracles as these...

Ah, yes...what would spring be without a spring wardrobe.
Jed's request: 'pockets for treasures mama, many of them'
My thoughts: hardwearing, comfy, don't show much in the way of grubbiness, cotton drill, 3/4 shorts (otherwise i find those knees just get hammered), easy to pull on and off for the wearer to self pee (etc) when needed. And, yes, pockets.
And he's taken a shine to one of the lurid floral tunic tops.

Spring treats for Slinky. Catnip. Cat drugs on tap in our garden. Thats why i think there's cat wars in our garden at the moment. The ginger menace is winning.
Catnip also very good for overtired, unable to switch off small (and large) people, excellent for the flu and that seasonal nasty respiratory virus around at the moment. Especially when the little ones get all restless and irritated or panicky about coughing and not able to sleep. Catnip!
Tastes good too.

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