Monday, October 19, 2009

to the mountain

From the wild west coast to the mountain.... (and beyond, Whanganui certainly counts as 'beyond', especially when travelling with a small person).

Apologies for the protracted and woefully unannounced absence from blogsville...any internet i came across in Whanganui was dial up and there was NO way my sanity would've held up to that. Goes to show how much i take easy i/net access for granted. And yes, i did twitch occasionally in withdrawal. Let it be said, that in my fairly isolated hands on mama-life i am so very grateful for the connections my computer allows me to make.

A picture worth pulling over for! We were so blessed to have a glorious sunny morning up at Whakapapa when all else was under cloud and rain. We drove through it and left it behind...heh, heh, heh.....

Seeing snow for the first time. Made his first snowball and hoofed it at his dadda in oooo, thirty seconds within first contact of snow. That's my boy.

That Jed can spot a digger anywhere. Even up a mountain, where least expected. Very fine specimen it was too.

A week with no internet AND no crafting. Back at home to spring sproinging in earnest and crafting every spare moment, Piha Community Preschool's putting on their annual Labour Day markets down at Barnett Hall... come on down folks, its always a great day and oooh, i love a market. This time i'll be tending my stall though. Previews and peeks to come. Monday 26th, from ten til two.

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