Monday, October 5, 2009


Right now, I am ready. For anything. SEE, that is the crazy Anissa i remember and haven’t seen for awhile. I may even break out in a wildhaired spontaneous dance. THAT is the kind of Anissa i get when i have some rest. Some SLEEP. Three hour naps for me and the smaller one today and two good night sleeps under our belts after what seems like a month of illness and disrupted sleep. (I ain't gonna remind of the previous two plus years track record)
I even had some time out all to MYSELF yesterday. Sigh.

I have a weeks worth of blogposts floating round my head unmaterialised. In contrast to my tentative feeling of wellbeing, as i look out to huge waves crashing (i love this view), i remember the day of the tsunami. First, the fears, the rumours of the tsunami hitting NZ. We were on alert most of the day , complete with the siren blaring. I realised of how much of our world is beachside these days. Playgroup, friends houses, our little community library, shop. Everything revolves around the beach here. I was thinking about how our little house would fill up with friends needing higher ground, what the huge wave would look like coming up over the horizon i know so well. I thought too, of the possibility of some calamity and whether we were prepared for self reliance. Not quite. A sobering thought.

Then the reality emerged of the earthquake in Samoa. And the tsunami that followed it. The risk here on the West coast of NZ clearly paled in the face of Samoa’s plight. Devastation. Our island neighbours are in need. A rare occasion, we even turned the TV on. As a mother, watching other mothers’ out puring of grief at losing little ones or watching as they try to keep families whole, sheltered and fed and get access to clean water. Painful. I scratch for words to describe a loss i can only begin to imagine.
Apart from growing up surrounded by the colour and music of Samoan culture growing up in deepest South Auckland, i spent the first year (and nine months brewing) of my life in American’s part of my patchwork turangawaewae.

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