Thursday, October 29, 2009

tunics ahoy

Piha market and a few orders out of the way i sat down to sew a tunic/dress while jed napped yesterday. It had been cut out and waiting. It took me an hour. I gunned it. It ain't tidy (no looking at seams please) but it's for me. (Crap photo but someone who shall remain unnamed has up and off-ed with the new camera....)
Just in time for the rain to stop and the sun come out.

The fabric is a vintage piece with some stretch to it. I got it off a lovely woman via trademe. It's one of those pieces that i love but wasn't sure if i'd love it on me. I think i do.
The pattern is New Look 6731, View B but with a longer length. I added pockets. 'For when i find treasures on our adventures mama, like jellyfish'.

I was inspired by clevergirl's version way back when. I love it when someone you respect tries out a pattern and gives you the lowdown because i don't know what it is about pattern cover artwork but i often find them hideous.

And loving too...this vintage spring smock/tunic top bought from my neighbour stallholder at the Piha Market. Always the danger of doing markets, acquiring new deliciousness.

I am excited about Spring and Summer around the corner. The garden's getting there, the birds are flying around with bits to build their nests, eyeing up my first sea swim of the season, i feel very grateful for the connection i have with my small person and enjoying home very much. Jed too. This morning, out of nowhere: ' I LOVE home mama'.

And, now i have a wee bit more energy and don't collapse into bed the minute Jed does: i am looking forward get back in touch with some beautiful friends i have been too busy surviving to connect with. And getting the growmama etsy shop up and stocked you ask? Er, yes, that too!

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