Thursday, November 26, 2009

gravitating to water

All dreamy and needing bed, but it was too nice a day to go home just yet.
A purposeful walk. Making a beeline for rockpools and splashable places....
....and straight into the water. They found the queen of all rockpools...perfect for a small persons plunge. Or even two small people.

And back at home. We don't usually get bagels (J calls them 'baggles') or cream cheese but we found Moosewood's cookbook for children and a variation of these bagel faces were in it and Jed took a fancy to them. He cracked up laughing when we put them on the table and much fun was had throughout the meals proceedings. The book is great, she does seperate pages for recipe instructions in picture form especially for children. How great is that!?

Mollie Katzen and Ann Henderson- Pretend Soup: a cookbook for preschoolers and up.

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