Friday, November 6, 2009

learning again, and again

Loving that its lighter later. Time for a good frolic and explore at the beach in the evenings after supper. We are so blessed to live here. Exploring. Tide out. Rockpools. Anenomes, little fish, crabs, critons, bugs, sea snails, different shellfish, patterns in the sand. Running, tumbling, and racing the wind.

The perfect balance to spending the morning in town. Running wild on the beach.

'Look mama, come see, come see what i found'

A seaweed tree.

I learn again and again that if i am present in the now, all my lists of things to do, orders pending, plans of business beginning, my complaints of never having enough time, and my resulting feeling of anxiety melt away. They only exist if i dream them into existence. Oh yeah. So easy to forget. Jed, upon observing me this morning, ' hey mama, you need a good cry?' So wise at 2 years old.

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