Tuesday, November 3, 2009

my new baby

There she is...
TA DAaaaaaa!
I sold my brother for a more trusty workhorse and this is she. A Bernina 900 Nova. I worked hard to get this machine. My every 'spare' moment was sewing or sleeping the last few months and this is the proud result.
Ain't she sexy? I love that it's compact but oh so sturdy and check out the storage arrangement for the feet, bobbins and tools. Sigh. The sewing table extension fits neatly into the back section of the cover and whole cover lifts on and off easily. I keep opening it just to gaze and sigh contentedly. Sad? True!

As is my custom, the first sewing project when trying out a new machine, was for me. Well, actually, I have tweaked that rule (what are rules if not fluid and negotiable to stay alive and be respected? ...ask any child) to say, the first project on a 'new' machine must for for the household, ie not sold.
Jed refuses my help in cleaning him up at mealtimes and has been using a series of grotty old facecloths that have been in service for way too long and needed to be relegated to the ragpile. So...first project: NAPKINS.
I love beautiful things in everyday use. Hardwearing, soft to touch, easy to make and even easier to wash and dry. They had their first outing at tonight's dinner. Big success. I'll be making more.
I figure we can use them as placemats, or in lieu of plates, and to wrap picnic bits and pieces as well as napkins. Yep, i see more napkins in our future.

And the Nova? Sews like a dream.
Happy. List of things to do a mile long, nursing a severe case of fatigue and having trouble following a thought through to any sort of conclusion, but happy.

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