Saturday, November 28, 2009

new digs

This is the view from the new digs for my sewing/crafting table. Bush and sea.
Blessed? Why, yes! If only you knew the gutters and squats i have crafted from in previous years....

Until now, i whipped out my sewing machine and basket from under the stairs and set it up on my son's wee table as soon as he was asleep. See here.

THIS just feels so luxurious. The view is a tad distracting (and soothing) and yes, i am aware that's a high class problem. Shelves and more organising of the space is to come as i trawl secondhand shops and the occasional dumpster.

The shirt is a trial one i made from Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing. A book i got out from the library and couldn't bear to give back, so i bought a copy. Fabulous. Not sure about this vintage fabric for this shirt but love the pattern. The fabric doesn't fall right for the lines of the shirt and well, yellow, hmmm, yellow and i don't know each other very well. It's all about green these days. I made my first bias binding from scratch for the neck finishing, which was a disaster. Truly. Sigh. Learning, learning and moving on....already scheming the next attempt. I know where i went wrong. Partly faulty equipment, partly operator error.

There is much crafting to come. Mostly sewing. Some to sell, some to gift, with a tote bag from Weekend sewing all cut out and ready to go at the bottom of my pile of sewing. The carrot, anissa-style.
No shortage of ideas here. And, i found a gorgeous vintage thing for 10 cents at a thrift shop. I have used the basic idea for the pattern and have ten in the production line. You'll see....

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