Friday, December 4, 2009

asking for it

I got a bit caught up in the 'oh no, i have no money' headspace this week. I plum forgot how rich i am in so many ways - none of which need money. I mean, sure, i could do with some more but letting that stress me out is surely counterproductive? Since i left the commune life where i was nicely cushioned in an alternate reality (Twin Oaks Community, where i could get away with gardening in a sequin ballgown - lets face it when else IS there to wear a gorgeous frock?!), i have been busy making my peace with 'normal life' i guess you would call it. It's not pretty, my transition, at times. And, it's long - i left 3 years ago and still say 'we' when referring to Twin Oaks.
I caught my internal dialogue and took a few deep breaths. Funny what goes on in the head. Happiness is not in the circumstance but how we greet it.
Besides, happiness is overrated. It's true! There is so much more depth to life than the quest for an impossible always happy life.

We saw a rainbow this morning, a kick-ass hung around for hours kind of a rainbow and we sent out some wishes.
I sent out my desire for a bunch of old buttons for projects brewing and on the table.
I threw in a request for some basic colour, good quality fabric. And a few groovy retro prints for my GrowMama special trousers and smocks.
I didn't tell a soul. And, yes i was that specific.

And look what came my way. Jed and i found jars of buttons priced where we could reach them AND the next day a dear friend and fellow craftswoman called to say she'd cleared out her fabric stash and there was a bag of it coming my way. She managed to get it to me that night, all the way out here...I'm picky for GrowMama's wares but this fabric is just what i needed. Yay Nat.

You'd think after years of this kind of thing i'd get jaded, but no...the wonder and magic of it is still awesome to behold.

Thanks universe.

And thanks SewMamaSew giveaway folks...loving those comments -more on that soon.

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