Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the colours of summer

Loving these colours.

There are bowls of fruit everywhere in the house. I just love the look of them. Apricots, blueberries, plums, plums and plums, nectarines...i dream of this bounty in the heart of winter and here we are, in the middle of it. All from roadside or friends trees too.

I have never grown beetroot before. To be honest, i was never keen on it, until now. Fresh from my garden and freshly grated onto spinach leaves. Delish. And those colours!

Seven days of posting and on a roll, i could so easily blog daily, material is not the issue, as you could imagine. Beauty is just everywhere.

Kinda still landing, after getting home from our trip down south and enjoying our housefull of guests. Everyone left today and Jed and i just pottered at home. Lots of cuddles, hut making, reading in nests, doing our own projects in between hanging, laughing, letting go of lists of things to do, good food, all that fruit. A good day. Much on my mind, but a good day.

I'm so glad i let go of that list of things to do today.

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