Monday, December 28, 2009

down south - part one

Ooof. A quiet day. There’s no wind, even the waves are gentle today. Everybody is out adventuring and small ones are sleeping. I love this quiet as much as i love the noise of a vibrant housefull. Right now is perfect to reflect on our time in the South Island. Come wander with me.

I want to give you a true taste of the beauty so this’ll be in two instalments.

The latest mama-made 3/4 shorts. Cover those knees i say. Helps them from getting too beat up, more cover from mosquitos and the sun.

Stephens Bay. 45 minutes north of Nelson at the top of the South Island of NZ. As many beaches – all stunning, many deserted by people and highly populated by sea critters – as we cared to explore. All within walking distance. Lots of swimming and exploring.

Time slowed down, taking us with it. Family. And the sun shone.

It made a lovely change to swim in the sea without being buffeted by the surf (like we are at home on the West Coast of the North Island). Peaceful. It was a peaceful time.

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