Monday, December 28, 2009

down south - part two

We went for a walk or two. Came over the hill to this beautiful beach. Stayed there and played and rested a good long while. New Zealand is so good at the extreme beauty in nature thing.
On spotting my first trial of taking some embroidering out and about with me... a notable quote from Jed, "Sewing? On the beach?! Ha, funny mama...i got a funny mama" he wandered back to the water shaking his head.

'poppy' seaweed.

A huhu beetle! Can't see the scale in this pic but these suckers are big ole beetles. I was excited, never seen one before.

Cave time with Grandad.

Where i didn’t have the camera was my morning of mama-time. Hanna and i drove into the Nelson markets on the Saturday. Oh, i do love a good rummage. Lovely to share it with a friend and the sunshine.
It was my great pleasure to chat with Amelia of Bella threads and Shelley of Atticus Finch at the markets. Check them out. Beautiful creations that really stood out as special in the marketplace. I love how we are doing similar things: using vintage fabric, following our crafty hearts, but each of our creations is so uniquely our own style. Shelley put me on to a delicious vintage shop called Eclectic that was an absolute joy to fossick in. It was very cool to recognise their work from seeing in online and then get to see it sparkle in all it’s real-time glory. Loving feeling part of something greater than me. Women making the world anew through our various work and following our passions.

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