Thursday, December 31, 2009

hand stitching revival

Seven days of blogging continued...

Sheesh. I just realised that because of the time difference it looks like i didn’t blog daily like i said i would. Ptooey to that. I have blogged daily, i have! Been busting my ass in a very busy time in fact. You’ll have to take my word for it, or do the international date line math.

It’s New year’s Eve here in NZ. Late at night and I am fresh back from a sweet gathering, have tucked the small one into peaceful sleep after a fun day’s play and am sitting drinking tea listening to the surf and wrapping the silence of a still house around me. I imagine 12 o’clock might find me at my sewing machine, sewing myself a little something that has been cut out and waiting for oooh, awhile now. Just where i want to be tonight.

These two stitchings emerged while i was down south. I have plans for each. Watch this space.

Once upon a time i made clothes all by hand and these purses (scroll down once you click the link) to augment my street performing busking. I haven't used emb thread since. We're talking 15 years here. I picked up some embroidery thread and dipped into my stash for some beautifully soft linen and vintage cotton scraps to have some sewing to do while i was away. It’s a sanity thing. It worked a treat. I was inspired by having handwork to do at odd moments when i was stitching Jed’s name into his bag. With child on the loose it is about learning to find moments and ride them for all their worth, rather than those chunks of time i used to think i needed to create in.

The finished bag.

He was excited about it. Is possessive about it, but shows no sign of wanting to use it yet.

There i was, out in the world thinking about how i'd like to take this handstitching milarky further when i stumbled across a ridiculous clearance sale of embroidery thread. I stocked up. I am all inspired now to learn some new tricks other than my one stitch wonder embroidery.

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  1. happy new year!

    the top one looks like a mushrooming merrit badge!