Saturday, December 26, 2009

small summer shirt and SEVEN DAYS

This won't be topical to those of you in the northern snowy climes but here in the far south of the world, it's summer and our bit of ozone layer is a tad thin. This means fast burn times, high rates of melanoma and living by the beach and being often outside as we are, means covering up is often the order of the day. We avoid being out in the sun from 12-4'ish but still, the search for a pattern for a good long sleeved loose fitting summer shirt for small people is on.

I have searched the net and through every pattern book known to sewing kind and came up with almost nothing. New Look 6298 is the only one that came close. I made a size four, added
the long sleeves and next time round the length needs to be longer for my big-little guy. Note to self: Don't cut out two of the same pattern before you've trialled it. Oops. Anyone need a summer shirt? Oh, and go for a different colour, this one looked like mini surgical scrubs before i put the buttons on. Not my most brilliant crafting this week (and there has been ALOT of crafting) but the shirt does the trick and he manages to make it look good.

Why is it that pattern cover design is often so wierd?!

I am just back from a sojourn to the South Island of NZ and have a backlog of blog post ideas begging to be created so i will endeavour to post daily from now through into the New Year. Seven days of crafty goodness, growMama musings and tales from the frontlines of summer coming right up.


  1. Happy New Year Anissa and I'm looking forward to reading your daily blogs! Where did you go in South Island - we are venturing as far as Doubtful Sound next year, really looking forward to our visit!

  2. Hi! I can't remember how I found your blog, but I did! Just thought I would through out a suggestion.... for a longer shirt, add a bit of fabric to the bottom (it might help it look not so much like scrubs, too!) But really cute! I live in Montana, so not even thinking of summer quite yet!

  3. hi brooke and lis, i am working on being able to email you but having technical difficulties. I thought i'd comment like this for now. V cool to hear from you both. Lis, i hope my posts yesterday answered your question. Brooke, thanks for the suggestion: i have a print pattern cut out to extend the front and back and toying with the idea of doing the sleeves to match, i'll post the results. I miss the snow. Enjoy!