Monday, December 7, 2009

summer and a SMS giveaway winner

Summer is finally here. I think. Still hedging my bets after so very much rain and chilliness but people are swimming, the anise hyssop is all abloom, the pohutakawa’s are flowering their red red goodness, and the stick insects are mating up a storm on my deck.

"Give me some space i just having a sit and a think, mama"
"You can sit here and try it with me if you like"

What a wonderful thing it has been to be part of the sew mama sew giveaway. I have so relished the late night exploring of other giveaway offerings. Actually, it wasn’t so much the giveaway itself but a doorway into other cool blogs and inspiring ideas. Hosting a giveaway myself has been a blessing too. I am glad i asked the question about what blogging meant to everyone, i thoroughly loved reading the comments. I feel rejuvenated, it was great to read the feedback on some of the things i make and i leave the giveaway feeling more connected into a fabulous community of women online.
SO, the winner of the Sew mama sew giveaway is: )....Molly. Thank you for sharing yourself with me/us and Congratulations! If you read this Molly, please email me via the blog, you don't have your email address accesible on your settings! I'll have to go to runner up if i don't hear from you in a week's time.
Ended up putting the favourites into a hat – if i could afford to send out more gifts i would!

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