Sunday, December 27, 2009

tastes like summer

5 punnets of freshly picked strawberries for 5 dollars. Wahoo! .

Strawberry jam, as many as we could eat and I whizzed some up with organic natural yoghurt and a teensy bit of icing sugar to make this delicious frozen yoghurt. Truly the taste of summer.
I’ve tracked down our closest strawberry farm. We walked into their packing shed and there was an overwhelming smell of strawberry, berries as far as the eye could see, friendly people and as many strawberries as Jed could eat for free. We’ll be going back before the season is over.

and a note from the future: all future 'strawberry freezes' as they have come to be known, only had pureed strawberries, banana and a tiny bit of yoghurt...really really good summer stuff. And no sugar.

I have a house full of old friends unexpectedly turned up on a roadtrip. I have sneaked upstairs to blog at high speed. I can hear the clink of bottles, Cuban music, the laughter of children, the low buzz of adults chatting, the fizzing of the barbecue, the surf and the evening song of the birds. Time to go harvest some salad. I have some mean looking beetroot calling me.

Tomorrow: tales from the South Island of NZ. Crafty goodness and such beauty. I am looking forward to responding to comments too. I figured out how. Ahem, yes, 'tis true i am not the techie head folks might think i am!

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