Friday, December 18, 2009

thrifty finds of the day

One of our rare jaunts into 'town' today. A very loud and colourful expletive was let loose by the small one in the toddler pool today. Ahem. We heard it from some teens on our way into the pool. I was so shocked i laughed like a crazy woman. We both just about split our sides. And then we had the talk. You know the one. I asked J to choose another way to say what he was feeling. 'Stinking smell'. Much better.
A little bit of high speed browsing in between appointments unearthed this gorgeous hoodie in Jed's size. Not mama's. Darn it! Only the french could unleash such cuteness on the world.

These delectable crocheted pot holders. New, and destined to make someone i know very happy one day soon.

And this lovely piece of unused handmade yumminess. It's a funny thing, any time i start to wear out my current favourite cloth bag and start to think about making appears for between 10 cents and three dollars at a thrift shop. Can't argue with that. I reckon it means i am in tune with the universe. Well, that amongst other things.

A little rummaging was a much welcome respite and balance to the bigger questions circling my brain lately.

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  1. That cardie is officially the cutest thing I have ever seen. any chance you found two...???