Saturday, December 12, 2009

what we're up to

Evening beach runs. Too nice to be in bed.

Loving this book: Andrew Crowe's Which New Zealand insect? We'll find a new bug and go running for the book. (After marvelling at it awhile).
Stick insects, three different kinds of weta, spittle bugs, golden hunting wasp, crickets, cicadas....and check this monster out:

Found very dead on our bush path alongside the house. I thought it was a centipede but it's a very large Dobsonfly larvae. Never even heard of them. Love that i am learning so much alongside Jed as he explores the world. May we never stop learning or marvelling.

Pink sparkly playdough. Used hibiscus based fruit tea (undrinkable in my book) as a dye, added high craft-quality gold voila, fairy playdough. It also smells divine. Hours are spent creating whole worlds and eavesdropping and /or joining in is highly recommended.

We have seven of these felt balls now. I have a rescue kitty, Pema,who is on the rather fluffy side (long story how such a creature came to be associated with me in ) and we've been brushing her to help with the moulting now that it's finally warming up. What to do with all that gorgeous soft fur in the brush? Roll it in my palms and make Pema felt balls of course! Jed thinks it hilarious and what could be more natural a plaything?
Does this qualify as re-purposing do you think?

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  1. Ahhh, I miss the beach!! That pic of your little guy is amazing! Don't really miss the bugs though... Crazy big bugs just make me nuts!!! Love the felted kitty fur!