Thursday, October 29, 2009

tunics ahoy

Piha market and a few orders out of the way i sat down to sew a tunic/dress while jed napped yesterday. It had been cut out and waiting. It took me an hour. I gunned it. It ain't tidy (no looking at seams please) but it's for me. (Crap photo but someone who shall remain unnamed has up and off-ed with the new camera....)
Just in time for the rain to stop and the sun come out.

The fabric is a vintage piece with some stretch to it. I got it off a lovely woman via trademe. It's one of those pieces that i love but wasn't sure if i'd love it on me. I think i do.
The pattern is New Look 6731, View B but with a longer length. I added pockets. 'For when i find treasures on our adventures mama, like jellyfish'.

I was inspired by clevergirl's version way back when. I love it when someone you respect tries out a pattern and gives you the lowdown because i don't know what it is about pattern cover artwork but i often find them hideous.

And loving too...this vintage spring smock/tunic top bought from my neighbour stallholder at the Piha Market. Always the danger of doing markets, acquiring new deliciousness.

I am excited about Spring and Summer around the corner. The garden's getting there, the birds are flying around with bits to build their nests, eyeing up my first sea swim of the season, i feel very grateful for the connection i have with my small person and enjoying home very much. Jed too. This morning, out of nowhere: ' I LOVE home mama'.

And, now i have a wee bit more energy and don't collapse into bed the minute Jed does: i am looking forward get back in touch with some beautiful friends i have been too busy surviving to connect with. And getting the growmama etsy shop up and stocked you ask? Er, yes, that too!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the rites of spring

Calendula from a friends garden, one of five fresh herbs waiting to be made into my annual salve.

Comfrey at her spring best. Also waiting for salve-dom. Recipe and pictures to come. Every househould needs a pot of healing salve to hand.

And, the planting out of the garden. He remembered the deal from last year, amazing. Or maybe not, given how much time we spend pottering in and around the garden.
I love how excited we both get seeing which seeds have sprouted up overnight. May i never get jaded enough to be bored by simple yet profound miracles as these...

Ah, yes...what would spring be without a spring wardrobe.
Jed's request: 'pockets for treasures mama, many of them'
My thoughts: hardwearing, comfy, don't show much in the way of grubbiness, cotton drill, 3/4 shorts (otherwise i find those knees just get hammered), easy to pull on and off for the wearer to self pee (etc) when needed. And, yes, pockets.
And he's taken a shine to one of the lurid floral tunic tops.

Spring treats for Slinky. Catnip. Cat drugs on tap in our garden. Thats why i think there's cat wars in our garden at the moment. The ginger menace is winning.
Catnip also very good for overtired, unable to switch off small (and large) people, excellent for the flu and that seasonal nasty respiratory virus around at the moment. Especially when the little ones get all restless and irritated or panicky about coughing and not able to sleep. Catnip!
Tastes good too.

Friday, October 23, 2009

a sneak peek of monday's market

Here's a sneak peek of my stall on Monday. Handcrafted goodness, plus herbs and vintage goodies to rummage through.

Piha annual Labour Day market 10-2pm
down at Barnett Hall in North Piha.
HOPING the weather will hold. My stall in inside the hall but it's such a lovely market and always nice when the kidlets can run rampant outside.
See you there.

Monday, October 19, 2009

to the mountain

From the wild west coast to the mountain.... (and beyond, Whanganui certainly counts as 'beyond', especially when travelling with a small person).

Apologies for the protracted and woefully unannounced absence from blogsville...any internet i came across in Whanganui was dial up and there was NO way my sanity would've held up to that. Goes to show how much i take easy i/net access for granted. And yes, i did twitch occasionally in withdrawal. Let it be said, that in my fairly isolated hands on mama-life i am so very grateful for the connections my computer allows me to make.

A picture worth pulling over for! We were so blessed to have a glorious sunny morning up at Whakapapa when all else was under cloud and rain. We drove through it and left it behind...heh, heh, heh.....

Seeing snow for the first time. Made his first snowball and hoofed it at his dadda in oooo, thirty seconds within first contact of snow. That's my boy.

That Jed can spot a digger anywhere. Even up a mountain, where least expected. Very fine specimen it was too.

A week with no internet AND no crafting. Back at home to spring sproinging in earnest and crafting every spare moment, Piha Community Preschool's putting on their annual Labour Day markets down at Barnett Hall... come on down folks, its always a great day and oooh, i love a market. This time i'll be tending my stall though. Previews and peeks to come. Monday 26th, from ten til two.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

a peek into our day

Portrait of the chronically sleep deprived. It was all we could do to sit on the dunes and watch the day fade. The sea makes it better.

A peek at the lush moss-green of spring. It's been cold, tomatoes curling their leaves in disgust in their pots.

Pixie hatted boy in one of his favourite places: rummaging in a toolbox in the shed.

And there is fecundity afoot. Birds are doing their thang, we heard the peeping of baby quail, there are ducklings down at the pond, the tomcats are singing the blues nightly busy courting and we spotted this nest of baby spiders being shepherded back into the safety of their webby home by their beautiful big ole mama spider. Spring!

Mama and her crew.
Heading to Taranaki....if we can get through the snow on the high roads. More then.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Right now, I am ready. For anything. SEE, that is the crazy Anissa i remember and haven’t seen for awhile. I may even break out in a wildhaired spontaneous dance. THAT is the kind of Anissa i get when i have some rest. Some SLEEP. Three hour naps for me and the smaller one today and two good night sleeps under our belts after what seems like a month of illness and disrupted sleep. (I ain't gonna remind of the previous two plus years track record)
I even had some time out all to MYSELF yesterday. Sigh.

I have a weeks worth of blogposts floating round my head unmaterialised. In contrast to my tentative feeling of wellbeing, as i look out to huge waves crashing (i love this view), i remember the day of the tsunami. First, the fears, the rumours of the tsunami hitting NZ. We were on alert most of the day , complete with the siren blaring. I realised of how much of our world is beachside these days. Playgroup, friends houses, our little community library, shop. Everything revolves around the beach here. I was thinking about how our little house would fill up with friends needing higher ground, what the huge wave would look like coming up over the horizon i know so well. I thought too, of the possibility of some calamity and whether we were prepared for self reliance. Not quite. A sobering thought.

Then the reality emerged of the earthquake in Samoa. And the tsunami that followed it. The risk here on the West coast of NZ clearly paled in the face of Samoa’s plight. Devastation. Our island neighbours are in need. A rare occasion, we even turned the TV on. As a mother, watching other mothers’ out puring of grief at losing little ones or watching as they try to keep families whole, sheltered and fed and get access to clean water. Painful. I scratch for words to describe a loss i can only begin to imagine.
Apart from growing up surrounded by the colour and music of Samoan culture growing up in deepest South Auckland, i spent the first year (and nine months brewing) of my life in American’s part of my patchwork turangawaewae.

If you can help, please do: