Sunday, January 3, 2010

the aftermath of bush fire

In our sleepy little seaside 'village', just before midnight on New Year's Eve, someone let off a marine flare from their home at the end of a cul-de-sac, straight up into pristine bush behind them. We're in summer here in NZ. For a rainforesty sort of a place it is dry at the moment. Minutes later the whole hillside was in flames. Most spectacular and ridiculously pointless. The wind blew the fire up onto the ridge and down the other side before it slowed. Three houses and many creatures homes were in the danger zone. That's how our volunteer firefolk spent their new year. Trying to put that raging fire out. Ten fire trucks and helicopters with monsoon buckets. Hot spots were still smoking 24 hours later. We're used to hearing helicopters out here. It is usually the Westpac rescue helicopter looking for someone who got in trouble in the surf or fishing off the rocks.
Thanks to all who worked their butts off fighting that fire.
Note to ourselves: marine flares have their place in the world. That place is not near bush. Don't even get me started on fireworks.

The tail-end of the action on New Years Day.

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  1. Happy New Year! Wow..... what a fantastic surprise to bump into you on New Years Day! After 20 odd years you still look the same and are the same vibrant person with a smile that I remember from all those years ago. Have read your blogs and you truly are an amazing writer and have some incredible creative craft skills. Would love to catch up soon and Joanne has the same memories that I have and she
    would also love to catch up and share some stories. Kind regards, Alison