Monday, January 25, 2010

loving buttons

These are quite possibly the only buttons i have bought new. I love vintage buttons. One way to mainline happiness is finding a jar or tin of them in a secondhand store.

We chose these last week. Not only did they get me and a very tired small person (other than me) through 45 ridiculous minutes at the checkout counter, but they have given many hours of pleasure since. Finding teapots or stars. Red buttons or yellow. Lines of them, triangles of them. Pouring them. Coming up with ideas for projects to use them with. All while Mama tries to get some 'work', play and projects done. And yes, okay, i admit it...Sometimes plastic is cool.

An aside: I don't know what has happened to my blogspot overnight...all has changed, can't see my photos after i upload them, my choice of colours for my font has disappeared...I am hoping this is because it is late at night after a long day and all shall be revealed (as i like it) with the dawning of tomorrow.

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