Friday, January 29, 2010


Hoorah for Blogger support peoples, who kindly gently solved my technical difficulty. I learned an important lesson too. Next time, i will fiddle around and try and solve it myself instead of panicking and listening to that internal (infernal) voice that says i'm not computer savvy enough to work it out. I felt slightly silly at how easy it was to fix. And grateful that the blogger folx were so graceful about it.

Hoorah for the surf lifesavers who volunteer their time to look out for folks swimming, surfing and fishing out here. They are busy busy people. These are beautiful and sometimes treacherous waters. Swim between those flags and YAY for two hour playing in the waves sessions. Hoorah for dear friends to share it all with.

Hoorah for being able to sew for an hour or so at a time, while Jed helps or does his own creative endeavours nearby. I have been dreaming up three different bag patterns from scratch, have a list of eleven things on the crafting table in various stages of construction and have finally asked a dear friend for help to get my banner and bits together for my etsy (items listed, banner and avatar on their way) and online shops and eventually website interface. Finally. Getting there.

Hoorah for the biking like crazy, rough and tumbling, playing ball and rolling down hills. Hoorah for the quiet reading of books, ceremonies of making and drinking tea, caring for his babies for hours, our little connecting chats about the world, swinging and singing in our hammock chair and this latest peaceful craze: a warm footsoak with essential oils and/or bathsalts. Wonderful. I must try it myself.

Hoorah for my friends Gareth Hughes and his beautiful partner Meghan. As of two days ago, Gareth is NZ's newest and youngest Member of Parliament. It has been an eye opening experience for even seasoned ole me following some of the media around Gareth's debut. Let alone being in it daily and still doing great work in the world.

Hoorah too, for sitting on the beach with a friend, in the last of the day's sunshine talking until the almost full moon rose. Feeds the soul that sort of thing. Been forgetting that lately.

Hoorah for Mama 'n' Jed. I just love us.

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